Microsoft Excel and Advanced Functionalities

About the Course

Excel has become one of the prerequisites for almost all jobs in the analytics and consulting sector. Through this course, you’ll learn the advanced functions that are used by analysts on a day to day basis. You’ll also get accustomed to even more advanced stages of excel use like Macros which further come handy. Throughout the course, you’ll be given hands-on assignments and case-studies to put the theoretical knowledge to practical. In this course you will learn the basic to advanced features of MS Excel and how to analyze data to crease insights out of it, using MS Excel.

Course Overview

Introduction to Excel Workbook and worksheets
Entering data into the spread sheet Undo & Redo
Adding Comments
Formatting and conditional formatting All types of borders
Moving & Coping and inserting data Finding and replacing
Filtering and Sorting of data
Logical operators

Text to column V-look up
Duplicate removal Concatenate
Functions of excel – Logical, Mathematical, Statistical, Others

Pivot Table
Data manipulation with pivot tables Pivot table charts
Data visualization with Excel

Pivot Table
Functions of excel – Financial functions What if analysis – Goal Seek, Solver etc.
Analytics using Excel