Python Matplotlib Pyplot Tutorial - Data Visualization in Python

In today's business scenario, data science and analytics are becoming increasingly important. Sometimes, we need to show our results in a nice colorful way with visual effects and insightful images.

Matplotlib library of Python provides many great plotting opportunities and methods for data visualization, and in this tutorial we will be discussing some topics, suitable for beginners to advanced level users, which will help a person create different effective plots in Python. Once we have a starting point for plotting data we can easily expand our knowledge to different areas to make sure we can best represent all of our data.

What you'll learn

  • Make line plots in Python
  • Make scatter plots in Python
  • Make 1-dimensional histogram plots
  • Customize your plots by adding colour and changing line styles
  • Customize your axis by changing the tick labels
  • Add custom titles and labels to your plots
  • Adjust the size of your figures
  • Add a legend to your plots
  • Be able to save your figures in a desired format to your computer

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic Python knowledge
  • A Python 3 Environment to Code in

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in analyzing data
  • Anyone who needs to visualize data
  • People who want to incorporate data visualization into their code
  • Anyone who is interested in expanding their Python knowledge